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     In 1961 EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL was organized as an inter-denominational full gospel school for the purpose of providing Christian education as a ministry to the community. The objective since 1961 has been to develop Christian leadership, to strengthen the family units in Christ, and to provide private, Christian education for the children in a milieu of academic excellence.


                We are committed to this goal because we believe that as a student progresses in academics there is also a growth and development that he has to accomplish in his spiritual walk. These two areas of life are our main concerns, so we minister with dedication and with faith in God that He will bless our efforts in providing growth and development in these two areas.


          The quality of education here is evident. Graduates have done well in the most demanding high schools and colleges. Many Christian youth workers and professionals in various fields today are graduates of  Evangelical Christian School.


          A big difference is the method of teaching basic skills. But the biggest difference is the word of God, shut out of public schools by the Supreme Court. Prayer boosts educational achievement. Christ gives young men and women dignity, self-confidence, the courage to choose a life with purpose.


          It is the policy of the Board of Directors to enroll students and hire faculty and staff without discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex or place of national origin.



                                                        Rev. Paul J. Evans

                                             Chairman of the Board & CEO






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